The Covenant People in Egypt’s Bondage

1. What very wicked thing did ten of Jacob’s sons do?

They sold Joseph as a slave into Egypt. Genesis 37:28-32.

2. Did God intend to bring evil upon Joseph?

No, although these brothers meant it for evil, God meant it for good. Genesis 50:20

3. How did God show His favor upon Joseph in Egypt?

God raised him from the position of a slave and from out of prison to be a ruler in Egypt.

4. Did these sons of Jacob show a different attitude towards Joseph in later life?

Yes, they did when they confessed their sin to Joseph. Genesis 44:18ff.

5. What did Jacob do when he learned that Joseph was alive?

With God’s approval Jacob moved to Egypt with his family. Genesis 46:1-7

6. Why did God bring Jacob and his family to Egypt?

God wanted to show His glory by delivering His people from the cruel bondage of Egypt.

7. How did God bring about this cruel bondage?

God raised up a wicked king who made the Israelites slaves. Exodus 1:8-14

8. Of what was this bondage a picture?

Of the spiritual bondage of sin.

9. What else did God teach His people through this bondage?

God taught them that we obtain the covenant promises only by a wonder of grace.

10. What gave Israel hope in their suffering?

God had promised to bring them back to Canaan. Genesis 15:13, 14