The Covenant People Multiplies

1. Were all the children born in the line of the covenant elect children of God?

No, God shows us in the twin sons of Isaac and Rebekah that they were not. Romans 9:13

2. What did God declare of these sons in Romans 9:13?

“Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.”

3. How did Jacob try to obtain the birthright blessing?

By deceiving his blind father. Genesis 27

4. Why was this so wrong?

Because it showed that he was not trusting God.

5. What did Esau do after Jacob received the birthright blessing?

He planned to kill Jacob as soon as his father died. Genesis 27:41

6. What did God promise Jacob in a dream when he fled from Esau’s wrath?

To take care of him in Haran and to bring him back to the land of promise. Genesis 28:13-15

7. How did God keep this covenant promise to Jacob?

God gave to him his family and many possessions. Genesis 30

8. How did God assure him of continued blessings when he returned to Canaan?

God told Jacob that the covenant promise would be fulfilled in him and in his children. Genesis 28:13-15

9. How many sons did God give Jacob?

God gave Jacob twelve sons after whom the twelve tribes of Israel were named.

10. What became plain again in the lives of these sons?

That God proves His faithfulness in spite of their sins.