The Call of Abraham

1. Why did God call Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldees?

To continue His covenant with Abraham and his seed in the land of promise. Genesis 12:1

2. Was this according to the covenant promise which God spoke through Noah?

Yes, for Abraham was a descendant of Shem. Genesis 9:26

3. Were the Canaanites a God-fearing people?

No, they were wicked descendants of Ham. Genesis 10:1-20

4. Why, then, did God send Abraham to such a wicked country?

Because He wanted him to be a stranger in the land of promise.

5. How did it become plain that God wanted him to be a stranger in the land of promise?

Abraham had to wait for God to give him the land.

6. How did Abraham reveal his faith in God’s promise?

He refused to make friends with the wicked Canaanites. Hebrews 11:9

7. How did Abraham show that he did not always trust God’s faithfulness?

Twice he lied about his wife to protect himself. Genesis 12:10-13 and 20:1, 2

8. Did Abraham receive a son according to the promise?

Yes, God gave Abraham and Sarah a son in their old age. Genesis 21:1-5

9. Why did God make Abraham wait so long for this promised son?

To show that the birth of Isaac was a wonder of grace.

10. What did God say concerning Isaac?

In Isaac shall thy seed be called. Genesis 21:12