The Reappearance of Sin

1. How did sin reveal itself after the Flood?

Noah became drunken, and Ham delighted in his father’s sin. Genesis 9:20-22

2. What does God show us by the sins of those whom He saved by the Flood?

That the Flood was not the final victory over sin.

3. What great need did the believers feel because of their sins?

They felt the need of the Savior to save them from their sins. Hebrews 11:13

4. How did Shem and Japheth reveal that they were righteous?

They would not rejoice in the sin of Ham but covered their father’s nakedness.

5. Is there anything that shows that Noah also hated his sins?

Yes, afterward he blessed Shem and Japheth, but cursed Canaan, the son of Ham. Genesis 9:24-27

6. Did sin develop rapidly after the Flood?

Indeed, for the wicked soon rebelled against God by building the tower of Babel. Genesis 11:1-4

7. Why did they build this tower?

They wanted to stay together to remain a strong kingdom. Genesis 11:4

8. How did God prevent this?

God confused their speech so that they spread over the earth. Genesis 11:7, 8

9. Why did God scatter them and make separate nations?

So that His church might safely grow in this wicked world.

10. Where do we find God’s covenant people from this time onward?

The church will be found in Shem’s descendants and later also in Japheth’s. Genesis 9:26, 27