Salvation In The Ark

1. Was the church very large at the time of the Flood?

No, there were only eight souls left that believed and obeyed God. I Peter 3:20

2. How did Noah show his faith before the unbelieving world?

He showed his faith by building the ark as God had commanded. Hebrews 11:7

3. What do we read of the wicked world of that day?

They lived in sin and acted as though the flood would never come. Matthew 24:37-39

4. What did God do for His church in that day?

He saved His church from the wicked world by the Flood. I Peter 3:20

5. What beautiful promise did God give to Noah?

God said to Noah, “With thee will I establish my covenant.” Genesis 6:18

6. What does this promise mean?

That God would be his friend and would save him and his family in the ark.

7. Did God keep this promise?

Yes, God destroyed all the wicked by the Flood and saved only Noah and his family. Genesis 7:21-23

8. What more does this promise mean?

That God would save His church and send the Savior.

9. Why is this destruction of the wicked so important?

Because it is the first great deliverance that God gave to His church. Genesis 3:15

10. What more can be said of this destruction of the wicked?

It is the type of the final judgment of the world. Matthew 24:37-39