The Preparation for the Coming of Christ

1. Did the Israelites have an earthly king again after the return from the captivity?

No, Israel was ruled by Persia and Greece, and in the days of Jesus by the worldwide Roman Empire.

2. Did the Jews rule themselves at all during this period?

Yes, for a time they were ruled by men called Macabees.

3. What new form of worship appeared after their return to Canaan?

The Jews began to gather in synagogues on the Sabbath to read and explain the law and to pray.

4. What characterized this period from the return to Canaan until the coming of Christ?

It was a period of violent persecutions and of repeated defilement of the temple.

5. What happened when the Jews were persecuted by these heathen kings?

The Jews were scattered through all the nations of the world. I Peter 1:1 and Acts 2:9-11

6. Why did God want this worldwide Roman Empire to rule His people?

In order that the gospel might be spread far and wide after Jesus’ death and resurrection.

7. How did this serve the spread of the gospel?

The world was united by one language, and the apostles could travel freely from one country to another.

8. But did God not promise that the sceptre would not depart from Judah until Shiloh would come?

Indeed, and therefore the royal line of David was preserved till Christ was born. Luke 1:27, 32 and Luke 2:1-4

9. Is Christ the promised Shiloh who would sit on David’s throne forever?

Yes, for He is the Savior to whom all the Old Testament promises pointed.

10. Why is He called Shiloh?

Because He realizes a complete victory over all our enemies and gives us everlasting rest.