God Protects His Covenant People

1. Which Book of the Bible tells us of the Jews who remained in the land of the captivity?

The Book of Esther, which is named after a Jewish girl who became the queen of a heathen nation.

2. What truth is taught in this Book of Esther?

That the wicked can never destroy God’s church.

3. Did the wicked try to destroy God’s church at this time?

Yes, Satan used wicked Haman to try to kill all the Jews. Esther 3

4. Why did Haman want to destroy the church?

Because he hated Mordecai the Jew.

5. What did he do to have all the Jews killed?

He persuaded King Ahasuerus to make a law that all the Jews should be killed. Esther 3:8ff.

6. How did God overthrow Haman’s plans?

God caused Esther to plead for her life and for the lives of her people. Esther 7:1-4

7. Who told Esther to plead for her life and for the lives of her people?

Her uncle Mordecai, who brought her up in this heathen land.

8. What judgment fell upon wicked Haman?

He was hanged on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Esther 7:7-10

9. Was it sinful for Jews like Mordecai and Esther to remain in the land of the captivity?

Yes, for they showed no interest in the temple and in God’s covenant promises.

10. What do we learn from this history?

That God uses even the sinfulness of men to save His church.