Israel Back in Canaan

1. How did the returned captives find the Holy City?

They found Jerusalem and the temple in ruins.

2. Why did God command them to rebuild the temple?

Because it was His dwelling place among the people.

3. Why do we not worship God in such a temple today?

Because Christ is the temple of God, and He dwells in our hearts by His Spirit. Revelation 21:22; Ephesians 2:22

4. Who opposed the Jews in building the temple and Jerusalem?

The heathen nations living in the land tried to stop them. Ezra 4

5. Why did they try to stop the Jews?

Because they hated God and His people.

6. Were the Jews able to complete the building of the temple?

Yes, King Darius compelled the enemy to give them the things necessary for the work. Ezra 6

7. What did the people do when the foundation of the temple was laid?

The people shouted, sang praises, and gave thanks unto God. Ezra 3:11

8. Were all the people happy when the temple was built?

No, some who knew the beauty of the old temple wept. Ezra 3:12

9. Was the throne of David restored?

Although no king sat on David’s throne, the royal line continued.

10. What is the significance of this return from the captivity?

That God brought Israel back to Canaan in order that Christ could be born in the promised land.