The Kingdom of Judah Departs from God

1. Was the Kingdom of Judah smaller than the Kingdom of Israel?

Yes, the faithful people of God are always fewer in number than the ungodly.

2. Were there also those in Judah who served idols?

Yes, wickedness increased rapidly also in the Kingdom of Judah. I Kings 14:22-24

3. Were all the kings of Judah God-fearing men?

By no means; many of them led Judah deeper into idolatry.

4. What wicked thing did Athaliah try to do?

Queen Athaliah tried to kill all the royal seed of David. II Chronicles 22:1-12

5. Why did the devil seek to destroy this royal seed of David through Athaliah?

Because Christ must be born of this royal seed.

6. How did God keep this royal seed alive?

He kept the infant Joash from being slain by wicked Athaliah. II Kings 11:1, 2

7. Which kings were noted for their faith and holy zeal?

Asa, Joash, Hezekiah, and Josiah who put down idolatry, restored the temple worship, and called Judah to observe the Passover.

8. Especially which prophets did God raise up to teach Judah His ways?

The prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah, through whom God foretold the coming captivity of Judah and the return of the remnant.

9. Did God speak of the Christ to Judah in these days?

Yes, through Micah He even pointed out Bethlehem as the place of Jesus’ birth. Micah 5:2.

10. Did Judah return from its evil way?

No, they increased in wickedness even as the Kingdom of Israel had done.