The Division of the Kingdom

1. Was the kingdom of Solomon the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham?

It was a typical fulfillment of that promise.

2. What was the reality to which this type pointed?

The everlasting kingdom of Christ in the heavenly Canaan.

3. How did God punish Solomon for his idolatry?

He took ten tribes away from the house of David and gave them to Jeroboam. I Kings 11:35.

4. What was the occasion for this division of the kingdom?

Rehoboam refused to lessen the taxes of the people after the king’s palace and the temple had been built.

5. Why was it a sin for the ten tribes to leave the house of David?

Because by doing so they rejected Christ, whom God had appointed to sit on David’s throne.

6. What other covenant blessing did the Kingdom of Judah have besides the throne of David?

The Kingdom of Judah had the temple of God in Jerusalem.

7. Which two tribes did God leave for Rehoboam to rule?

The tribes of Judah and Benjamin. II Chronicles 11:1, 2

8. Did Rehoboam try to force these ten tribes to recognize him as their king?

Yes, but God would not let him fight against his brethren. I Kings 12:23, 24

9. What can you say of the kings of Judah?

They were all from the house of David.

10. Why were all these kings from the house of David?

Because God had promised to establish David’s throne forever.