Israel Inherits All the Promised Land

1. Did God give Israel a king as they requested?

Yes, God gave them Saul to be their king. I Samuel 10

2. Whom did God give in Saul’s place when he rejected God?

God anointed David to be king of the Theocracy. 1 Samuel 16

3. What did God give Israel through David?

Through David God gave Israel all the land that He had promised unto Abraham. Genesis 15:18-21

4. Why might not David build the temple?

Because he had shed much blood and had fought many great wars. I Chronicles 22:8

5. What did God promise David concerning the building of the temple?

That He would give David a son who would build the temple. II Samuel 7:12, 13

6. What important place did Solomon’s temple have in Israel’s life?

It was the center of the Theocracy.

7. How could this temple be the center of the Theocracy in Israel?

Because God chose it to symbolize His presence among His covenant people.

8. What characterized the reign of Solomon?

It was a period of peace and of great prosperity.

9. Of what were David’s victories over all his enemies a type?

Of Jesus’ victory for His people over sin, the devil, and the wicked world.

10. Of what was Solomon’s reign of peace and prosperity a type?

Of the glory and beauty of Christ’s kingdom that is coming.