Israel Sins in the Promised Land

1. Did Israel remain faithful to God in the promised land?

No, Israel soon forsook God to serve idols. Judges 2:11-13

2. What was the cause of this disobedience?

The parents did not instruct their children in the fear of the Lord. Judges 2:10

3. Did Israel destroy all the heathen nations in Canaan as God had commanded?

No, they disobeyed God’s command and made a league with many of these nations. Judges 2:1, 2

4. How did God punish Israel for this sin?

God strengthened these nations and delivered Israel into their hands. Judges 2 and 3

5. Did God remember His people in their troubles?

Yes, He sent judges to deliver them when they repented of their sins.

6. What lesson did God teach through Gideon’s small army?

That the victory is always from the Lord.

7. When the word of the Lord was scarce in Israel, through whom did the Lord speak?

Through Samuel, who was both a prophet and a priest.

8. What evil request did Israel make?

Israel asked Samuel to give them a king like the other nations. I Samuel 8

9. Why was it wicked for Israel to desire a king?

Israel rejected the Lord from being their king. I Samuel 8:7

10. What characterized this period of the judges?

Every man did that which was right in his own eyes. Judges 21:25