Israel Enters the Promised Land

1. Why did God forbid Moses to lead Israel into Canaan?

Because in his wrath against Israel he struck the rock. Numbers 20

2. What did this deed of Moses show?

That he was only a typical mediator.

3. Of whom was Moses the type as mediator?

Of Christ, who is the Mediator of a better covenant. Hebrews 8:6

4. Whom did God call to lead Israel into Canaan?

Joshua, who was also a type of Christ. Joshua 1:1, 2

5. How did God show that He opened the way to Canaan?

By parting the waters of Jordan before them. Joshua 3

6. What part of the land west of the Jordan River did Israel conquer first?

The central part, beginning with Jericho. Joshua 6

7. What did God make plain in the salvation of Rahab and her family?

That God would gather His people also from the Gentiles.

8. Was Rahab’s salvation also according to God’s promise to Abraham?

Indeed, for God said unto him, “In thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed.” Genesis 22:18

9. In what order did Israel conquer the rest of the land west of the Jordan?

First the hill country in the south and then the mountainous regions of the north. Joshua 11:16, 17

10. How was all this land divided among the twelve tribes?

By lot God divided the land among the twelve tribes.