Deliverance Through the Red Sea

1. Whom did God prepare to deliver His people?

God prepared Moses for this work. Exodus 2 and 3

2. How did God prepare him in the first few years of his life?

God spared his life and made it possible for him to be taught in his parents’ home. Exodus 2:8-10

3. How do we know that God was preparing him in the king’s court?

He learned the wisdom of the Egyptians in order to lead God’s people. Acts 7:22

4. How was Moses further prepared?

He spent forty years in Midian as a shepherd. Exodus 3

5. How did God call Moses to the work of delivering His people?

God spoke to him from the burning bush and gave him signs to show Pharaoh.

. Exodus 3:1-10 and 4:1-9

Was Pharaoh willing to let the people go?

. No, God hardened his heart to show His power in him. Exodus 7:4 and Romans 9:17, 18

How did God show His power in Egypt?

. God sent ten plagues to show Pharaoh that He is God.

What had God commanded Moses and Israel to do while the last plague was upon Egypt?

. To keep the Passover. Exodus 12

Of what is the Passover a type?

. Of the shedding of the blood of Christ upon the cross.

What is so important about the deliverance through the Red Sea?