Jesus’ Second Galilean Tour

Luke 7:19-35; 8:41-56

1. Why did John the Baptist send messengers to ask Jesus if He were the Christ?

Because while he was in prison, John began to doubt that Jesus was truly the Christ. Matt. 11:1-3

2. How did Jesus answer John’s disciples?

He reminded them of all His mighty miracles and preaching which prove that He is the promised Christ. Matt. 11:4, 5

3. What did Jesus tell the multitude that had not repented at John’s preaching and did not repent now?

That they always made excuses, and that their punishment would be greater than that of Sodom and Gomorrah.

4. Why do some believe in Jesus and others not?

Because God hides the things of the Kingdom from the wise and prudent, and reveals them unto babes. Matt. 11:25-27

5. What are parables?

Parables are earthly events that make known the things of the kingdom of heaven.

6. Why do parables make known the things of the kingdom of heaven?

Because God made the earthly as a picture of the heavenly.

7. Why must all men clearly understand the things of the kingdom?

That the wicked may be without excuse, and that the believers may be strengthened in their faith.

8. What notable miracle occurred about this time?

Jesus raised the daughter of Jairus from the dead. Matt. 9:20-26; Luke 8:41-56

9. What was the result of the raising of the daughter of Jairus?

“The fame hereof went abroad into all that land.” Matt. 9:26

10. Where did the second Galilean ministry end?

At Nazareth, where Jesus was rejected for the second time. Matt. 13:53-58