Paul’s Third Missionary Journey

Acts 19-21

1. In which large city in Asia Minor did Paul spend most of his time on his third journey?

In Ephesus, the center of the worship of Diana, where he worked about three years.

2. What is the importance of Paul’s long stay in Ephesus?

Paul made Ephesus the center of the preaching of the gospel in the whole province of Asia. Acts 19:10

3. How did the Lord confirm Paul’s preaching at Ephesus?

God wrought special miracles, so that the sick were healed and evil spirits were cast out by the hand of Paul. Acts 19:11, 12

4. What was the fruit of Paul’s labors in Ephesus?

The Word of God grew mightily and prevailed, so that many believed and forsook their heathen super- stitions. Acts 19:17-20

5. Who opposed Paul in Ephesus?

Demetrius, who made silver shrines for Diana, created an uproar against him. Acts 19:23ff.

6. Where did Paul go from Ephesus?

He labored for some time in Macedonia and Greece. Acts 20:1-13

7. What happened at Troas on Paul’s homeward journey?

Paul raised from the dead a young man, Eutychus, who fell out of the window while Paul was preaching. Acts 20:6-12

8. What did Paul do when he was at Miletus?

He bade farewell to the elders of Ephesus and exhorted them to be faithful in their office.

9. What did the Spirit testify to Paul on his way to Jerusalem?

He testified that bonds and afflictions awaited him for the sake of the gospel. Acts 20:23

10. Which epistles did Paul write during this journey?

I and II Corinthians, Romans, and Galatians.