Paul’s Second Missionary Journey

Acts 16-18, 22

1. How did Paul begin his second missionary journey?

With Silas he visited again the churches organized on his first journey. Acts 15:36-41

2. Why did not Paul preach in other parts of Asia Minor on this journey?

The Spirit forbade him, and thus led him to Troas, where he received the vision of the Macedonian man.

3. What was the significance of the vision of the Macedonian man?

It meant that God called him to preach the gospel also in Europe, beginning at Philippi.

4. How were Paul and Silas persecuted at Philippi?

Upon healing the girl with an evil spirit, they were beaten and put into prison. Acts 16:16-40

5. What was the positive fruit of Paul’s preaching at Philippi?

Lydia believed, the jailer was converted, and a small congregation was established. Acts 16:14ff.

6. What was the fruit of Paul’s preaching at Thessalonica?

Many devout Greeks and chief women believed, but the wicked Jews forced Paul to leave for Berea. Acts 17:1-10

7. What do we read of the Bereans?

They received the Word with all readiness of mind, and searched the Scriptures daily. Acts 17:11

8. What was the effect of Paul’s preaching at Athens?

Most of the people mocked when he spoke of the resurrection of the dead, but a few believed. Acts 17:16-34

9. Where did Paul go from Athens?

To Corinth, where the Lord encouraged him by a vision to continue his labors there.

10. What was the fruit of Paul’s labor at Corinth?

A large congregation was established there after Paul labored a year and a half.