Paul and Barnabas Sent Out from Antioch

Acts 11, 12, 13

1. What is the importance of the church at Antioch?

It became the center from which the gospel was spread to Asia Minor and even to Europe.

2. How was the church at Antioch established?

Men from Cyprus and Cyrene preached the gospel both to Jews and to Greeks. Acts 11:19-21

3. How did the church at Jerusalem show its support of the work at Antioch?

They sent Barnabas, through whose preaching many were added to the Lord.

4. How did Herod persecute the church at Jerusalem about this time?

He killed James the apostle, and he put Peter in prison. Acts 12:1-3

5. Did Herod kill Peter also?

No, the angel of the Lord delivered Peter from prison. Acts 12:4-11

6. Did Herod’s persecution hinder the growth of the church?

No, the Word of God grew and multiplied.

7. Whom did Barnabas bring to Antioch to help him?

Barnabas went to Tarsus for Paul, and together they worked at Antioch for a whole year. Acts 11:23-26

8. What did the Holy Ghost tell the church at Antioch?

“Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them.” Acts 13:3

9. Did the church at Antioch heed the command to send out Paul and Barnabas?

Yes, after fasting and prayer, they laid their hands on them and sent them to preach the gospel.

10. What method did Paul follow in all his missionary labors?

He preached to the Jews first, and then to the Gentiles.