The Church Spreads from Jerusalem

Acts 6, 7, 8

1. What incident marked the beginning of a widespread persecution of the church?

The martyrdom of Stephen, who was one of the first deacons.

2. What led to Stephen’s arrest?

The Grecian Jews hated Stephen’s preaching and could not argue against him. Acts 6:8-10

3. In what evil way did the Jewish Council try Stephen?

They used false witnesses to accuse Stephen of blasphemy. Acts 6:11-15

4. Why did the Jewish Council stone Stephen?

Because he accused them of being the betrayers and murderers of Jesus. Acts 7:51, 52

5. What followed immediately upon the death of Stephen?

A great persecution against the church at Jerusalem. Acts 8:1

6. What was the effect of this persecution upon the church?

The believers were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria, and even as far as Antioch and Cyprus. Acts 9:1; 11:19

7. How did this persecution benefit the church?

The gospel was preached everywhere by those who were scattered abroad. Acts 8:4

8. Who labored in Samaria?

Philip the evangelist, followed later by John and Peter. Acts 8:5-14

9. To whom did the angel of the Lord send Philip?

To the Ethiopian eunuch, who was returning to his home from Jerusalem. Acts 8:26-40

10. What was the result of Philip’s preaching to the Ethiopian eunuch?

He believed and was baptized, and went his way rejoicing.