Jesus’ Resurrection and Ascension

Matthew 28, Mark 16, John 20, 21, Luke 24

1. What happened in the early morning of Jesus’ resurrection?

The earth quaked, and an angel rolled the stone away from the door of the sepulchre. Matt. 28:1-8

2. Why did the angel roll the stone away?

That the empty grave might serve as a witness of Jesus’ bodily resurrection.

3. How did the linen clothes prove the resurrection of Christ?

They were lying there just as they had been wrapped about Jesus’ body. John 20:1-9

4. What does Jesus’ resurrection prove to us?

That He has fully paid for all our sins and has destroyed the power of death and the grave. Rom. 4:25; Heb. 2:14, 15

5. What did Jesus do during the forty days after His resurrection?

He appeared to His disciples many times and instructed them concerning the things of the kingdom of God.

6. What purpose do all the appearances of the risen Lord serve?

They serve as many infallible proofs of His resurrection.

7. What did Jesus do forty days after His resurrection?

He ascended bodily to heaven before the eyes of His disciples.

8. What is the importance of Jesus’ ascension?

That He is exalted at the right hand of God, and has all power in heaven and on earth. Matt. 28:18

9. What does Jesus do for us in heaven?

He prays for us and rules over us by His Word and Spirit.

10. When will Jesus return?

At the end of the world He will return in great power and glory.