From Ephraim to Jerusalem

Luke 18, 19; John 12

1. Mention some of the parables that Jesus taught in Ephraim.

The parables of the unjust judge, the pharisee and the publican, and the laborers in the vineyard.

2. What did Jesus answer the rich young ruler who sought eternal life?

“Go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.” Matt. 19:21

3. What did Jesus stress about His suffering?

He announced that the time was very near.

4. What was the reaction of the disciples to Jesus’ telling them that He was to suffer and die?

They failed to understand that Jesus must suffer and die because they expected an earthly kingdom.

5. What miracle did Jesus perform on His way to Jerusalem?

He healed blind Bartimaeus near Jericho.

6. Why did Jesus visit at the home of Zacchaeus?

He brought salvation to the home of this true child of Abraham.

7. When did Jesus arrive in Bethany?

On Friday, six days before the last Passover.

8. At whose home did Jesus and His disciples attend a supper?

At the home of Simon the leper, where Mary, Martha, and Lazarus were also present.

9. How did Mary show her faith in Jesus at this supper?

She anointed Jesus’ feet with precious ointment.

10. How did Jesus explain this act of love?

He said she did this in preparation for His burial.