1. What did Jacob do when Isaac was about to give Esau the blessing?

With the help of his mother, he tried to get the blessing by deceiving his blind father.

2. Was Esau also blessed?

No, the blessing was for Jacob only.

3. What did Esau plan to do at this time?

He plotted to kill Jacob, and Jacob had to flee to his uncle Laban in Haran.

4. What happened at Bethel while Jacob was on his way to Laban?

God appeared to him in a dream, and promised him the same blessing that He gave Abraham and Isaac.

5. How long did Jacob stay at Laban’s house?

For twenty years, during which time he married Leah and Rachel and became very rich.

6. What took place when Jacob was on his way back to Canaan?

Jacob wrestled with God at Peniel.

7. What did Jacob finally learn at Peniel?

He learned to expect the blessing from the Lord, and received his new name, Israel.

8. How many children did the Lord give Jacob?

One daughter and twelve sons, who were the fathers of the tribes of Israel.

9. Was there peace in Jacob’s family?

No, there was much jealousy and trouble among his wives and children.

10. How did the brothers show their envy against Joseph, Jacob’s favored son?

They sold him as a slave into Egypt, and made their father think Joseph was killed by a wild beast.

MEMORY PROJECT: Hebrews 11:13, 14