From Noah to Abraham

1. Was sin destroyed by the flood?

By no means; it showed itself immediately in Noah’s family.

2. How did this take place?

Noah became drunk, and Ham mocked his father.

3. What did Noah do afterward?

He blessed Shem and Japheth, but cursed Canaan, the son of Ham.

4. Did sin show itself in any other way?

Yes, for men disobeyed the command of God to fill the earth.

5. What did wicked men want to do instead?

They wanted to stay together in the land of Shinar.

6. What did they do in the land of Shinar?

They built the tower of Babel as the center of a mighty and wicked kingdom.

7. How did God spoil their plan?

God confused their language, so that they had to scatter over the earth.

8. Where did the children of Noah’s sons settle?

Ham’s in Canaan and Africa; Shem’s in Asia; and Japheth’s in Europe.

9. With whose descendants did the Lord continue His covenant after the flood?

In the Old Testament times God continued His covenant with the descendants of Shem.

10. With whom out of Shem’s descendants did God establish His covenant?

With Abraham and his seed.

MEMORY PROJECT: Hebrews 11:8