After the Return

1. What history belongs to the period after the return?

The history of Esther, who became queen to the king of Persia.

2. For what did the Lord use Esther?

To keep alive the seed of David when the wicked Haman sought to destroy the Jews.

3. Who was the last of the prophets?

Malachi, who lived about 400 years before Christ.

4. According to Malachi, did Judah serve God faithfully after the captivity?

No, they sinned against the Lord greatly.

5. Were the Jews ever again a free nation?

No, different world-powers ruled over them.

6. Did these nations treat the Jews well?

No, it was a time of fierce persecution and suffering for God’s people.

7. Were there also faithful people of God at this time?

Yes, and these more and more longed for the coming of Christ.

8. How did the Lord begin to prepare for the coming of Christ?

By causing the Greek language, in which the New Testament was later written, to be commonly used throughout the world.

9. What wicked party arose in Israel during this period?

The party of the Pharisees, who believed in salvation by works.

10. What nation gained in power toward the end of this period?

The Romans, who ruled the world when Christ was born.