Return from Captivity

1. Why did Cyrus let the people return to Canaan?

The Lord had called Cyrus for that very purpose, even though Cyrus did not know the Lord.

2. Did all the captives return to Canaan?

No, only about 50,000 cared to return.

3. Who led the returning captives?

Zerubbabel, the prince.

4. What did the people do after they returned?

They rebuilt the temple and the city of Jerusalem.

5. Which two men helped the people much?

Ezra the scribe, and Nehemiah the king’s cupbearer.

6. Was the work of rebuilding easy?

No, the people had many enemies, who tried to stop the work of rebuilding.

7. Which prophets urged them on in the work?

The prophets Haggai and Zechariah.

8. Against which sins were the people warned especially?

Against mixed marriages and against sabbath-breaking.

9. What kind of temple was built?

A temple that was not nearly as beautiful as Solomon’s; and the ark of the covenant was missing.

10. Did Israel have a king again?

No; though the line of David was kept alive, there was not again a king from David’s house.

MEMORY PROJECT: Haggai 2:6, 7