The Division of the Kingdom

1. How was the kingdom divided after Solomon’s death?

Most of the tribes fell away from the house of David and followed Jeroboam.

2. Which tribes remained faithful to Rehoboam, Solomon’s son?

Judah, with parts of Benjamin and Simeon, known as the Kingdom of Judah.

3. What was the kingdom of the ten tribes called?

The Kingdom of Israel, whose capital was later the city of Samaria.

4. Was it right of these ten tribes to separate?

No, it was a very great sin, because they forsook the royal house of David and the temple of the Lord.

5. Did Rehoboam want to bring the ten tribes back?

Yes, he wanted to fight against Jeroboam, but God forbade him.

6. Why did the Lord not allow Rehoboam to fight?

Because God wanted to punish Solomon’s sin through Israel’s separation.

7. But did the Lord entirely forsake the kingdom of the ten tribes?

No, God often sent prophets to warn them of their sins and to comfort His true people among them.

8. What was true of Judah in distinction from Israel?

They remained God’s chosen people, to whom God kept the promise given to David.

9. What became of Israel?

They steadily departed from the Lord, and after 250 years were taken captive by Assyria, and scattered.

10. What became of Judah?

Judah also departed from the Lord, was taken captive to Babylon after 400 years, but later returned from captivity.

MEMORY PROJECT: Hebrews 11:36, 37