King David

1. How long did David reign?

Seven years over Judah alone, and thirty-three years more over all Israel.

2. Show that the Lord blessed David as king.

Through David’s victories God gave to Israel all the land from the river Euphrates to Egypt.

3. What did David bring to Jerusalem with great joy?

The ark of the Lord, which since Eli’s time had been in the house of Abinadab.

4. Was David satisfied only to bring the ark to Jerusalem?

No, he very much wanted to build the temple of the Lord at Jerusalem also.

5. What did the Lord tell David about this?

Through the prophet Nathan God told David that his son should build the temple.

6. What wonderful promise did God give to David?

To establish David’s kingdom forever.

7. To whom did this promise point?

To the Lord Jesus Christ, whose kingdom is everlasting.

8. Did David ever prophesy of the Christ?

Yes, in many of the Psalms which he wrote.

9. Mention two grievous sins which David committed as king.

The sin with Bathsheba, and the numbering of the people.

10. What brought David great trouble and sorrow during his reign?

The rebellion and death of his son Absalom.

MEMORY PROJECT: Hebrews 11:32, 33