The Judges (continued)

1. What did Gideon do as judge?

With only 300 men he gained a great victory over the Midianites.

2. For what is Jephthah especially known?

Jephthah through faith overcame the Ammonites.

3. Which judge is known because he fought alone against the Philistines?

Samson, who was a Nazarite from birth, though he was not always faithful.

4. Mention some of Samson’s outstanding acts?

He carried away the gates of Gaza, killed a thousand Philistines with a jawbone, and at his death pulled down a Philistine temple on thousands of people.

5. What especially shows how far Israel had departed from the Lord during this period?

The sad history of Micah’s image and false priest, which the Danites stole from him.

6. Who was the last of the judges?

Samuel, whose name means “asked of God,” and who was also a prophet.

7. How did the Lord save Israel in Samuel’s time when they repented?

By a great thunderstorm, so that the Philistines fled before Israel.

8. What wicked thing did the Israelites ask when Samuel was old?

They wanted to be like the other nations, and have a king.

9. What did the Lord tell Samuel about this request for a king?

That Israel had not rejected Samuel, but the Lord.

10. Did God give Israel a king?

Yes, the Lord told Samuel to give them what they wanted.

MEMORY WORK: Hebrews 11:27-29