Israel Enters Canaan

1. Who led Israel into the land of Canaan?

Joshua, the son of Nun, whom God appointed in Moses’ place.

2. Which part of Canaan was taken first?

The part east of the Jordan River, which was given to Reuben, Gad, and half the tribe of Manasseh.

3. How did Israel cross the Jordan River?

God made a dry path through the river for them.

4. How was Israel able to take the land?

The Lord fought for them, and gave them the victory over their enemies.

5. Did it become plain during the conquest of Canaan that the Lord fought for them?

Yes, this was made plain many times to Israel, and was also a cause of fear to the enemy.

6. Mention two instances which prove that the Lord gave them the victory.

The fall of Jericho’s walls, and the standing still of the sun to help Israel in battle.

7. Did Israel obey God’s command to wipe out the Canaanites completely?

No, they let some of them remain; and these were the cause of much trouble for Israel later.

8. How was the land divided?

Every tribe except Levi received part of the land by lot.

9. Of what did Joshua warn the people before he died?

Of the terrible sin of serving strange gods.

10. What is the date of Israel’s entrance into Canaan?

About 1450 B.C.

MEMORY PROJECT: Hebrews 11:22, 23