God’s Essence and Names

1. Wherein ought we to know God?

In His essence, names, attributes, Persons, and works.

2. What does Scripture reveal of God’s being or essence?

That He is a Spirit of infinite attributes subsisting in three Persons. John 4:24

3. Does Scripture tell us anything more of God’s essence?

Yes, Scripture tells us that God is both immanent and transcendent. Jeremiah 23:23, 24

4. What is meant by God’s transcendence?

That God is infinitely exalted above all His creation and that there is none like unto Him. I Kings 8:27

5. What is meant by God’s immanence?

That God is present with His whole being in every part of the creation. Acts 17:27, 28

6. Does Scripture tell us that God has names?

Yes, although His names are not like our names, for there is no being like God. Isaiah 40:25

7. What is the importance of God’s names?

They are the revelations of some of God’s attributes to us.Psalm 111:9

8. What are the most important names of God?

The names God and Jehovah. Exodus 34:6

9. What does the name Jehovah mean?

That God is the eternally unchangeable God of His covenant.Malachi 3:6

10. Why does God give Himself names?

That we may speak to Him and about Him with reverence.Psalm 50:15


1. Look up the following passages and give the names of God found in them: Psalm 111:9; Isaiah 57:15; Genesis 14:18; Psalm 80:14;Isaiah 40:28.

2. Look up the following passages and indicate what they teach concerning God: Deuteronomy 6:4; John 4:24; Isaiah 40:18, 25;Psalm 90:2.

3. How do the following passages teach God’s transcendence?Job 11:7; Isaiah 66:1.

4. How does Acts 17:27, 28 prove God’s immanence?

5. What does Exodus 3:13-15 teach concerning the name “I AM”?- 9 –