1. What is the first benefit of saving faith?

That the believer is justified before God.

2. What is justification?

Justification is a gracious judgment of God whereby He declares the elect sinner righteous before Him. Romans 8:33, 34

3. What difference is there between justification and sanctification?

Justification is a judicial act of God and removes our guilt;sanctification is a spiritual-ethical work of God and removes the pollution of sin.

4. What is the deepest cause of our justification?

God’s eternal counsel, according to which He chose in Christ all His people and made them one with Him. Ephesians 1:4

5. What is the meritorious ground of our justification?

Only the perfect obedience of Christ as the Head of all His people. Romans 5:19

6. What is the objective proof of our justification?

The resurrection of Christ, because it is the seal of God on Christ’s perfect obedience on the cross. Romans 4:25

7. Why do we say that we are justified by faith?

Because faith is the bond that unites us with Christ, and by faith we become conscious of our justification. Romans 5:1;Philippians 3:9

8. Are we then not justified in any way by our works?

No, for all our good works are but the fruit of God’s work within us. Titus 3:5; II Timothy 1:9; Philippians 2:13;II Thessalonians 2:13

9. What benefits are implied in justification?

Forgiveness of sin, perfect righteousness, peace with God,adoption unto children, the right to eternal life. Psalm 32:1;Romans 5:1; 8:15-17


1. Explain how Christ is the second Adam. Cf. in this connection Romans 5:12-15 and I Corinthians 15:22.

2. Does James teach justification by works in James 2:14-16? Look at your notes on the last lesson and explain this.

3. Look up the proof texts added to question 9 above and explain how these texts prove the benefits implied in justification.

4. How does Genesis 15:6 teach that Abraham also was justified by faith in Christ?

5. From your knowledge of the Reformation, tell what the doctrine of justification by faith meant to Luther.