The State of Humiliation (continued)

1. What is the third step in the state of humiliation?

Jesus’ death on the cross. Luke 23:46

2. What kind of death did Jesus die?

The death of the cross, which was an accursed death.Deuteronomy 21:23

3. Why did Jesus have to die the accursed death of the cross?

He had to bear God’s curse, which was upon us because of sin.Galatians 3:13

4. Was Jesus’ death like ours?

No, Jesus gave Himself to death in obedience to the Father.

5. Why did Jesus’ death have to be an act of His own?

Only in the way of obedience to the Father could Christ merit salvation for His people.

6. Why was Jesus buried?

He entered into our grave to show that He had overcome the power of death and destroyed the corruption of the grave for us.Psalm 16:9, 10

7. Why, then, must believers die?

The death of believers is only a passage to life and glory.II Corinthians 5:1

8. Why must the body of believers rest in the grave for a time?

Salvation and glory cannot be completed until the return of Christ and the creation of the new heavens and earth.

9. Did Jesus descend locally into hell?

No, He endured the torments of hell during all His sufferings,but especially on the cross.


1. What is meant by the substitutionary atonement of Christ? Can you prove this doctrine from II Corinthians 5:21? Find other passages which teach the same truth.

2. Look up the word “vicarious” in the dictionary and explain how this word can be applied to the death of Christ.

3. Look up Acts 2:23 and Acts 4:27, 28 and explain what these passages have to say about the death of Christ in relation to God’s counsel.

4. The Roman Catholics and others teach that Christ descended locally into hell after His death and while His body was in the grave.Look up Lord’s Day 16, Question and Answer 44, and I Peter 3:18-20 and explain what is the teaching of the latter verse. Look up Luke 23:46 in this connection.

5. What does Isaiah 53:9 say about the burial of Christ?