Jesus Begins to Teach

John 2

1. What work did Jesus do?

He went about teaching and preaching.

2. What did Jesus teach?

That He was the promised Savior.

3. How did He show that He was the Savior?

By many mighty miracles.

4. Where did Jesus perform His first miracle?

At a wedding feast in Cana.

5. What was the first miracle?

He changed water into wine.

6. Why did Jesus go to Jeru~salem?

He went to keep the Passover.

7. What did Jesus do when He came into the temple?

He drove the buyers and sellers out of the temple.

8. Did the Jews believe in Him?

No, many were angry with Him.

9. Were His disciples angry also?

No, they and many others believed He was the Christ.

“Destroy this temple, and in three days I will build it up.” John 2:19