Jesus at the Sea of Galilee

Luke 7, 8

1. What happened when the disciples crossed the Sea of Galilee?

A great storm arose on the sea.

2. Where was Jesus when the storm arose?

He was lying asleep in the boat.

3. Were the disciples afraid?

Yes, they thought they would drown.

4. What did Jesus do when the disciples awakened Him?

He commanded the sea to be calm.

5. Who met Jesus on the other side of the sea?

Two men who were possessed with devils.

6. What did Jesus command these spirits to do?

To come out of these men.

7. Where did Jesus allow them to go?

Into a herd of swine.

8. What happened to the swine?

They were drowned in the sea.

9. Did the people believe in Jesus then?

No, they asked Him to leave their country.

“What manner of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him!”