Jeroboam, King of Israel

I Kings 12-14

1. What were the ten tribes called?

The kingdom of Israel.

2. Who was the first king of the kingdom of Israel?


3. Was Jeroboam a good king?

No, he caused Israel to serve golden calves.

4. Why did Jeroboam make these golden calves?

Because he did not want the people to go to the temple at Jerusalem.

5. Who spoke against the altar Jeroboam had set up?

A prophet from Judah.

6. What happened when this prophet spoke against the altar?

The altar broke in pieces.

7. How was this prophet punished on the way home?

He was killed by a lion.

8. How did God punish Jeroboam for his sin?

God made his son sick.

9. How did Jeroboam’s wife try to save her son’s life?

She went to a prophet of God.

10. What did the prophet tell her?

Her son would surely die.

“Thou art not a God that hath pleasure in wickedness.” Psalm 5:4