I Kings 1-11

1. Who was king after David died?

Solomon, as God had promised.

2. What did Solomon ask of God?

Wisdom to rule the people.

3. Did God give Solomon wisdom?

Yes, and God also gave him riches and honor.

4. When did Solomon show his wisdom?

When two mothers wanted the same baby.

5. What did Solomon build?

A large and beautiful temple.

6. Who came to Solomon?

The queen of Sheba.

7. Why did the queen of Sheba come to Solomon?

To see the glory that God gave him.

8. What sin did Solomon commit?

He married many wives.

9. Did these wives cause him to sin still more?

Yes, they caused him to serve idols.

10. How did God show that He was displeased?

God took part of the kingdom from him.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” Proverbs 1:7