The Sin of Absalom

II Samuel 15-19

1. Who was Absalom?

A son of David.

2. What sin did Absalom commit?

He tried to take the kingdom from his father.

3. Why was this wrong of Absalom?

Because God had made David king.

4. Did the people want Absalom to be king?

Yes, many of the people liked him.

5. Did David want to fight against his son Absalom?

No, he fled from Jerusalem.

6. Did David flee alone?

No, his army went with him.

7. Did Absalom follow David?

Yes, he came with an army to fight him.

8. What happened in this battle?

Absalom was caught by his head in a tree.

9. How did the battle end?

Absalom was killed.

10. Did David go back to Jerusalem?

Yes, he was king as before.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1