Book of Esther

1. Did all the Jews return to Jerusalem?

No, some stayed in Babylon.

2. Name two of them that stayed.

Mordecai, and Esther his niece.

3. What happened to Esther there?

She became queen.

4. Who was a chief ruler under the king?

Haman, who hated Mordecai.

5. What did Haman want to do?

He wanted to kill all the Jews.

6. Who heard of this plan?

Mordecai, who told Esther.

7. Did Esther tell the king?

Yes, she told him at a banquet.

8. Were all the Jews killed?

No, the king told them to fight for their lives.

9. What happened to Haman?

He was hanged on a gallows.

10. What does this show?

That God always takes care of His people.