Daniel in the Lions’ Den

Daniel 6

1. Did Daniel pray to God in Babylon?

Yes, he prayed looking toward Jerusalem three times a day.

2. Why did Daniel pray looking toward Jerusalem?

He knew that God would bring His people back to their own land.

3. Were the other princes jealous of Daniel?

Yes, they wanted to kill him.

4. How did they try to kill him?

They asked the king to pass a very wicked law.

5. What was that wicked law?

That all the people must worship only the king.

6. Did Daniel obey the king?

No, he prayed to God as before.

7. What did the king do to Daniel for this?

He threw him into a den of lions.

8. Did the lions eat Daniel?

No, the Lord shut the lions’ mouths.

9. What did the king do to these bad princes?

He threw them into the den of lions.

10. Did the lions eat them?

Yes, before they fell to the bottom of the den.

“We ought to obey God rather than men.” Acts 5:29