Hezekiah, King of Judah

II Kings 18-20

1. Name another good king of Judah.


2. Were the people still serving God when Hezekiah became king?

No, even the doors of the temple were closed.

3. Did Hezekiah want the people to serve God?

Yes, he opened the doors of the temple.

4. What did Hezekiah do to their idols?

He destroyed them.

5. How else did Hezekiah show that he wanted Judah to serve God?

He made a great Passover feast.

6. Did Hezekiah call only the people of Judah to the feast?

No, he called also the people of Israel.

7. Did Israel come when Hezekiah called them?

Yes, a few came, but most of them refused.

8. Did Hezekiah serve God all his life?

Yes, he served God with all his heart.

9. What happened to the kingdom of Israel about this time?

God brought them into captivity because of their sins.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Psalm 33:12