Elisha Promises Food to Israel

II Kings 6, 7

1. Why did God send the prophet Elisha to wicked Israel?

Because God still had His people there.

2. Why did the king of Syria try to capture Elisha?

Because Elisha helped the king of Israel.

3. What happened to the army that came to take Elisha?

The Lord made them blind.

4. Did Syria come against Israel again?

Yes, the army camped around the walls of Samaria.

5. How did this trouble the people in the city?

They had no food.

6. Were they very hungry?

Yes, two women even ate a baby.

7. What did Elisha promise the king?

That there would be plenty of food the next day.

8. Did the king believe Elisha?

No, he and his servant mocked Elisha.

9. How did God give food to Samaria?

God caused the Syrians to flee away.

10. What happened to the servant who mocked Elisha?

He was trampled to death.

“I, even I, am the Lord, and beside me there is no savior.” Isaiah 43:11