Jehoshaphat, King of Judah

II Chronicles 17-20

1. What were the two faithful tribes called?

The kingdom of Judah.

2. What do we know about the kings of Judah?

They were all of the family of David.

3. Why did God place David’s sons on the throne?

Because our Lord Jesus would be born of David’s family.

4. Did all the kings of Judah serve God?

Some of them did, but many were wicked.

5. Name a God-fearing king after Rehoboam.


6. What did Jehoshaphat do for the people of Judah?

He taught them to serve the Lord.

7. What sin did he commit?

Jehoshaphat went along with Ahab to battle.

8. What happened in the battle?

Ahab was killed.

9. How did God bless Jehoshaphat?

God made him very rich.

10. Did God help Jehoshaphat against his enemies?

Yes, God made his enemies afraid of him.

“Praise the Lord, for his mercy endureth for ever.” II Chronicles 20:21