The Flood

Genesis 6-9

1. What does the Bible say of Noah?

Noah was one of the few who feared the Lord.

2. What did God tell Noah to do?

To build an ark.

3. Why must Noah build an ark?

Because God was going to send a flood.

4. How long did it take Noah and his sons to build the ark?

One hundred and twenty years.

5. What did Noah do while he built the ark?

He told wicked men that God would soon punish them.

6. Who were saved in the ark?

Only Noah and his family.

7. What else was saved in the ark?

Animals, which God brought to Noah.

8. What happened to the wicked world?

They were all destroyed in the flood.

9. Of what is the flood a sign?

Of the end of the world.

10. What does the sign of the rainbow mean?

That God will always remember and save His people.

“But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.” Genesis 6:8