The Days Before the Flood

Genesis 5

1. What do we know about Cain after he killed Abel?

He sinned still more, and also taught his children to sin.

2. What did Cain build?

He built a city.

3. What did the wicked sons of Lamech make?

They made many things from iron and brass.

4. Did they use these things to sin also?

Yes, they became more and more wicked.

5. What does the Bible tell us about the sons of Seth?

They came together to worship God.

6. What God-fearing man lived at this time?

Enoch, who walked with God.

7. What did God tell Enoch to do?

God told him to preach against the wicked men.

8. What did he tell these wicked men?

That God would come to punish them.

9. Did they listen to Enoch?

No, they wanted to kill him.

10. Could they kill Enoch?

No, for God took him to heaven.

“And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.” Genesis 5:24