Cain Kills Abel

Genesis 4

1. Name two sons of Adam and Eve.

Cain and Abel.

2. What does the Bible tell about Abel?

Abel feared the Lord.

3. How did Abel show that he feared the Lord?

He offered a lamb as a sacrifice to God.

4. Why was this pleasing to God?

Because Abel believed in the Lamb of God.

5. What does the Bible say about Cain?

That Cain was wicked.

6. How did Cain show his wickedness?

He offered to God of the fruit of the ground.

7. Why was this wicked?

It showed that he was not sorry for his sins.

8. How else did Cain show his wickedness?

He was jealous of Abel and killed him.

9. How did God punish Cain for this?

God sent him away from his home and family.

10. Did God give another son in Abel’s place?

Yes, Seth, who also feared the Lord.

“By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain.” Hebrews 11:4