I Samuel 1-9

1. What did Hannah ask of the Lord?

She asked for a son who would serve the Lord.

2. Did the Lord hear her prayer?

Yes, God gave her Samuel.

3. Where did Samuel’s mother bring him?

To Eli, the priest, to serve in the tabernacle.

4. What happened when Samuel was still young?

The Lord called him and spoke to him.

5. What did the Lord tell Samuel?

That Eli and his wicked sons would die in one day.

6. How did Eli’s sons die?

They died in the battle with the Philistines.

7. What else happened in this battle?

The ark of God was taken.

8. What happened to Eli when he heard the ark was taken?

He fell from his chair and broke his neck.

9. Why did the Philistines send the ark back to Israel?

God sent plagues upon the Philistines.

10. What did the people ask of Samuel?

They asked for a king.

“Then Samuel answered, Speak; for thy servant heareth.” I Samuel 3:10