Israel Enters Canaan

Joshua 1-10

l.. Who led Israel after Moses died?

Joshua, the servant of Moses.

2. What did Joshua do when they came near Jericho?

Joshua sent two spies to look over the city.

3. How did Israel get over the Jordan?

God made the river-bed dry before them.

4. How were they told to take the city?

God commanded them to march around the walls for seven days.

5. How did they enter Jericho?

The Lord made the walls to fall down.

6. Did Israel kill all the people of Jericho?

Yes, all except Rahab and her family, because she hid the spies.

7. Why could Israel not capture Ai the first time?

Because Achan had stolen things of Jericho.

8. How was Achan punished?

He and his family were stoned to death and burned.

9. In what other way did God help His people fight their battles?

He made the sun and moon to stand still.

10. Why did God give Israel the land of Canaan?

To be a picture of the heavenly Canaan.

“But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15