Israel’s Deliverance

Exodus 5-15

1. What did Moses tell king Pharaoh?

“The God of Israel says, Let my people go.”

2. What did Pharaoh do when he heard God’s command?

Pharaoh made the people work still harder.

3. What did God send upon Egypt?

Ten great plagues.

4. Did all the plagues also come on Israel?

No, God showed that He was taking care of His people.

5. What were the Israelites doing when the last plague came?

They were eating the Passover feast.

6. What was the last plague?

All the first-born sons of Egypt died.

7. Were the Egyptians glad to see Israel go?

Yes, they even gave them presents.

8. Did Pharaoh let Israel go in peace?

No, he followed after them with his army.

9. Did God save Israel from the wicked king?

Yes, God led them through the Red Sea on dry ground.

10. What happened to Pharaoh?

Pharaoh and his army were drowned in the sea.

“When I see the blood, I will pass over you.” Exodus 12:13