Jacob in Haran

Genesis 28-33

1. What happened to Jacob on his way to Haran?

The Lord appeared to him in a dream.

2. What did the Lord promise to Jacob in a dream?

That God would be with him and bless him.

3. How long did Jacob stay with Laban in Haran?

Twenty years, working for his wives and cattle.

4. How many wives did Jacob have?

Two, Leah and Rachel.

5. How many children did God give Jacob?

Twelve sons and one daughter.

6. Did Laban treat Jacob well?

No, he often changed his wages.

7. How was it possible for Jacob to become rich?

Because the Lord was with him.

8. Why did Jacob leave Laban?

Because the Lord told him to go back to Canaan.

9. What happened to Jacob on the way to Canaan?

Jacob wrestled with God.

10. Did Esau kill Jacob when he saw him again?

No, God kept Esau from doing him any harm.

“I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.” Genesis 32:30