Offerings next week are for the following causes:
Morning: General Fund and Benevolence
Evening: Building Fund and Edgerton Free Christian School
Nursery this morning: Heidi G., Nicole G., Zoe G.
This evening: Kalista H., Shawna H., Keahna H.
Next Sunday morning: Kassandra Heynen, Deanna Hoksbergen, Ruth Huizenga
Next Sunday evening: Koralee Heynen, Gracia Kooima, Abbie Kuiper
Ushers: For June: Matthew Kooima, Travis Kooima, Ben Korver
For July: James Korver, Brandon Kroese, Ryan Kroese
Listen to the Reformed Witness Hour every Sunday on KLOH 1050 AM at 8:00 a.m. and KDCR 88.5 FM at 5:00 p.m. Today’s message “A Dress Code for Marriage” (Colossians 3:12-13). Next week’s message will be “Husbands Love Your Wives” (Ephesians 5:25-27).

We welcome all visitors worshiping with us today. May God’s name be exalted as we worship together. The order of our worship service is printed on the back of the bulletin.
Our pastor was gone last week as a delegate to synod. Rev. Kuiper is scheduled to lead us in worship both services today while our pastor preaches at Edgerton PRC. We welcome Rev. Kuiper to our pulpit and fellowship.
Our pastor will be gone this week on vacation. Stephan Regnerus is scheduled to lead us in worship next Sunday.
The Council at their next meeting plans to begin the process of nominating officebearers. According to Article 22 of the Church Order, the Council is called “to give the members an opportunity to direct attention to suitable persons.” Anyone desiring to recommend someone for one of the special offices may make this known to any member of the Council.

Evert Van Maanen is asked to write to Gary Brummel and Carl Maassen to Derick Grimm.
Anthony Kooiker is scheduled to have out-patient surgery on his hip at Dakota Dunes Surgical Hospital this Friday. He has extra bone that has to be shaved smooth, and a tendon that gets caught and inflamed in the hip socket with certain movements. Afterwards he is expected to be in a hip brace and on crutches for a few weeks. Let us remember Anthony and his family in our prayers.
We rejoice with Martin and Karmin De Jong (nee Boonstra) who were united in marriage this past Friday. May the Lord richly bless their marriage that it may reflect that of Christ and His church.

First PRC (Holland) called Rev. R. Kleyn.
Rev. Griess declined the call from Immanuel PRC (Lacombe).
Byron Center PRC Council has made a new trio for home missionary. The trio consists of Revs. Key, R. Kleyn, and Spriensma. The congregation plans to vote from this trio on July 2 after the evening service.
Decisions of Synod: Synod did not sustain an appeal against the decision of Classis East to uphold a consistory’s decision to grant permission to members of the BERG (Confessing Protestant-Reformed Congregation of Giessen, Germany) to partake of the Lord’s Supper.
The Contact Committee reported about a potential seminary student, Dr. Ronald Carey, who is a physician in Vellore, India. Georgetown PRC is working with the group to which Dr. Carey belongs and recommends him for seminary. He, his wife, and their one child plan to move to the US in the fall of 2017. The Theological School Committee is in the process of admitting Dr. Carey as a special student. Because of Dr. Carey’s need for support, synod decided to ask the congregations to take three collections in 2018 for the Foreign Student Assistance Fund.
Regarding Psalter revision, synod declared the proposed revisions of Psalms 73 – 89 are in harmony with the principles of the text, music, and format approved in 2016. This decision is not a final approval of the section but is simply a statement that synod judges the committee has faithfully followed the adopted principles. Synod also approved the distribution of Psalms 73 – 79 to the congregations for usage and feedback. Synod also instructed the Contact Committee (which is overseeing the work of the Psalter Revision Committee on behalf of synod) to poll the consistories in order to gauge denominational support for the project of Psalter revision and report back to Synod 2018.
Synod treated an appeal that contended a consistory violated a member’s right to protest and appeal according to Article 31 of the Church Order when it placed that member under discipline after he filed a protest. Synod rejected this appeal and ruled Article 31 of the church order was not violated.
Synod sustained three protests that objected to a sermon on John 14:6, declaring the sermon did make our good works part of the “way” referred to in that specific text. Synod also rejected the protest of the consistory (of the pastor who preached the sermon) that defended the sermon on John 14:6. Synod made some decisions to try to help the consistory and the pastor work through and implement these decisions and appointed a committee to help them in all matters pertaining to this case.
Synod did not sustain a protest against a decision of Synod 2016 that exonerated an individual of the charge of antinomianism. Synod did note, however, that some of the statements made by the individual in question “taken at face value, are contrary to Scripture and the Reformed Confessions.”

Sunday School: Today is Lesson 50 and Psalter 14:1. Next Sunday will be Lesson 51 and Psalter 14:1-2. Teachers will meet Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.
The board of Trinity Christian High School will meet Wednesday, June 28, at 7:00 p.m.
Information sheets for the convention bus are available on the back tables.
The annual Trinity Christian High School Spring Drive has collected $93,729 to date. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support of our covenant high school. We covet your continued prayers and support of our high school!
The school calendar committee is working on updating the birthday and anniversary calendar. Please contact Lora Maassen at or (712)-441-5838 by July 1 if you have any additions or corrections.
Senior Retreat. Register now for a senior retreat at Gull Lake Ministries to be held September 26-29. The theme from Philippians 1:20-21 is “Magnifying Christ in Life and Death”. Speakers will be Rev. Eriks, Prof. Engelsma, and Rev. Slopsema. Discussion groups and many activities are being planned. See or if needed, call Gretine Bodbyl at (616) 538-3403 for a registration form or with questions. Deadline to register is July 31.
California Retreat Advanced Notice: Plan now to attend our Young Adults’ Retreat from July 2-5, 2018. More details to follow.